Our School - Board

The School Board is broadly representative of the school community and acts at the strategic level in the best interests of students and Exmouth District High School Community. The School Board comprises of six parent representatives, a community representatives and three staff representatives.This includes the school principal who is an ex-officio member.

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Meet our members

David Dowding - School Board Chair & Community Representative

Store Manager

Experience: I have grown up, lived and worked in regional WA most of my life. Exmouth has been my home for the past 15 years. I have worked in management in the banking, fishing and retail industries during my career. I am hoping that this experience will be of value in my role as community representative on the board. I have been involved in many roles within our community’s sporting clubs with a strong involvement with junior teams.

I am honoured to be given the opportunity to chair a school board that is committed to the development of our school and its students.

Ray Denholm - Staff Representative

Principal at Exmouth District High School

Qualifications: Diploma of Teaching / Bachelor of Education / Graduate Diploma of Applied Language Ex Officio Member

Experience: I have been a Principal at three District High Schools and have been a school administrator for 16 years. I have also been an educational consultant; have taught primary and high school, including teaching the Indonesian language.

Our school became an Independent Public School in 2015. I am extremely keen to utilise our broad school community representation on the school board to ensure success for all, have effective leadership, strong governance and support, high quality teaching and that we are a distinctive school that is strongly connected to its environment and community.

Mark Patton - Staff Representative

Deputy Principal Exmouth District High School

Qualifications: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor in Secondary Education

Experience: I am a teacher with 29 years’ experience in a variety of educational contexts such as a Senior High School, Agricultural School, Catholic School and I am currently in the Position of Secondary Deputy Years 7-9 at EDHS, a position I have held for the last 7 years. I relish the opportunity to work with board members as the staff representative to continue the school’s never ending focus on improvement.

I am a long term resident of Exmouth with a young family and I am keen to work with the community to provide the best educational opportunities and career pathways for our youth. I look forward to working with the school board over the next 3 years to support the development and implementation of the 2018- 2020 school business plan.

Lucas Plummer - Staff Representative

Year 3 Teacher at Exmouth District High School

Qualifications: Bachelor in Arts, Bachelor of Teaching

Experience: It’s a privilege to work closely with a group of creative and passionate individuals, all of whom bring a differing experience and skill set to the Exmouth District High School Board. Providing the best educational environment for our students in such a unique community is my commitment.

With the upcoming business plan set to be published early 2018, the school finds itself in an exciting position. The improvements the school has made in recent years to its leadership, teaching and learning has set a culture of high expectations and will certainly influence the schools operational direction.

Lauren Rampling - Parent Representative

Centre manager at Exmouth PCYC

Qualifications: B Soc Sc Hons in Social Policy

Experience: PCYC Centre Manager Youth work, youth justice, Not For Profit sector and Local Government.

It was a great honour to be elected on to the school board. As a new member of the board I am enjoying the chance to have a better understanding of the workings of the school. The role of the board is one to guide and support the Principal and teaching staff in order to strengthen the school’s capacity to meet the needs of all of its students. I am passionate about the children and young people in our community and I am delighted to support the school in the vital role it plays in their growth and development.

The next 3 years will be an exciting time. I am looking forward to supporting the development of the school during the implementation of these new plans and policies in partnership with the school community.

Amanda Fuery - Parent Representative

Communications Manager at the Shire of Exmouth.

Qualifications: Bachelor in Journalism and Public Relations

Experience: It is really rewarding to be a part of the diverse and passionate group of Exmouth parents, teachers and community members who make up the Exmouth District High School Board.

With three children at the school, being a board member has given me the opportunity to contribute to the strategic direction and governance of EDHS and make a positive contribution to my children’s' education.

Over the last year our board has worked diligently to improve its governance and provide valuable insight to the review the school’s business plan. I look forward to continuing to share my professional skills in communication, policy and stakeholder engagement with the board and supporting the ongoing development of our school and its students.

Janet Norriss - Parent Representative

Business Owner of Idaho Boutique

Qualifications: Business Owner

Experience: I would like to introduce myself to those who don’t know me. My name is Janet Norriss. I have 2 children attending EDHS who have lived here all their lives. I have lived and operated businesses in Exmouth since 1995 including Planet Burgers and Idaho Boutique. My contribution to committees over the years has enabled me to develop an understanding of how to make things happen and the role of a committee member.

I want people to feel they can approach me with their positive suggestions that will contribute to a rich school environment for our children, staff, parents and community.

So far my short time on the board has been eye opening as to what is actually involved in creating and operating a vibrant district high school, the many facets of managing such a diverse organization and the exciting opportunities that are possible. I look forward to being a member of a group that is keen to see our school grow and prosper.

Lyn Irvine - Parent Representative

Qualifications: BSc; Graduate Diploma of Antarctic and Southern Ocean studies (hons)

Experience: I am a marine biologist with a great passion for science and a high regard for education. I believe we have a wonderful school situated in one of the most spectacular places on the planet. I am excited about the opportunity of supporting the school in providing the best education opportunities that our unique environment can offer.

It has been a privilege working with the EDHS staff and board members over the last few months developing the 2018-2020 business plan. I’m looking forward to being involved in its implementation over the next three years and being part of a team that is committed to the development of the children in our community.